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Spousal support matters can raise life insurance issues

Divorce can raise a range of insurance issues. This includes matters regarding life insurance. One thing they can arise in connection to is spousal support.

When spousal support has been ordered, certain things will generally bring the payments to an end. One is the death of the spouse ordered to pay. So, among the things divorcing individuals who are pursuing alimony might be concerned about is what would happen to their financial stability if their payments ended up getting cut off in the future by the death of their ex-spouse.

One thing that could provide a safety net in this respect is a life insurance policy. This could allow a spousal support recipient to receive proceeds to make up for payments ending should his or her ex-spouse pass away.

So, a person granted alimony may want to ensure such a safety net is in place. Divorce settlements and orders can help with this. Among the terms such things can include are terms requiring that a life insurance policy be in place for these purposes.

Now, many complex issues can come up in connection to including terms related to life insurance in a divorce settlement/order. How these matters are handled can have big impacts for both parties to a divorce. Missteps could cause significant problems down the line. So, when life insurance matters arise in connection to spousal support or other divorce issues, it can be important for a person to reach out for guidance on such issues from an experienced divorce lawyer.

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